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Join hands with us as " authorised dealer and trainer "in your city . No security deposits. Minimum investment and maximum returns.Build your business career in this fast growing industry.


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We are looking for authorised dealers and trainers in all cities throughout India and other countries.

No security deposits. Minimum investment and maximum returns.Excellent support from us.

Call us on +91 9908466066 for more details.

Free Live Demo of   T.D.F. Software

             Free live demo of our  T.D.F.Software  is  provided to all interested traders in live markets.Free live demo timings 
are from 10 am - 3 pm.(Indian standard time) from Monday to Friday.
For live demo, please follow the steps below:
Step 1:     Please read T.D.F.Manual and fill the following form when you are ready to see the live demo.
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Country: *

Note:  If you fill the form after 11:00 am( Indian standard time) , you will get the demo link on next market working day. 
Without reading T.D.F.Manual , you cannot understand live demo.So, please read T.D.F.Manual before filling the above form.
Step 2:     If you fill the form before 11:00 am(Indian standard time), You will get a mail from us with the demo link within 5-10 minutes of your form submission.Mail message will be as follows.Please click the link in the mail as follows.


Step 3:  Once you click the link in the mail, Teamviewer instant meeting program  will get automatically downloaded and it will ask your permission to run the program.Once you click run button, you will be automatically connected to our meeting.

If you didnot receive the link or if you are unable to join the meeting or for any clarification during the demo, you can call us on (0)9908466066  or (+91 9908466066) or on our skype id :Niftyspecialist .
Imporatant Note 1:  Please watch the following video before askong for demo to understand  all the features of T.D.F.Software.
Important Note 2: There will be no individual explanation during demo.So,for better understanding of the trading system and the rules of entry, stoploss and exit , please read T.D.F.Manual.
              However ,you can call us on (0) 9908466066 or (+91 9908466066) for clarification during the demo itself.
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